About us

Explore the world with our wings.

2020: FlyLili, a new airline, was established in the Romanian business scenario towards the end of the year.

2021: FlyLili obtained its Air Operator Certificate.

2023: Strategic partnerships were forged both domestically and internationally. The company's ACMI and charter operations, coupled with the expertise of its growing team, laid the groundwork for future expansion into scheduled flights.

2024: This year signifies a milestone for FlyLili. The company launches its first operational bases in Brasov and Sibiu, marking a new phase in its development.

The company's dedicated team, driven by a commitment to excellence, is focused on delivering premium and differentiated services.

With a strong emphasis on passenger satisfaction and contributing to economic growth we aim to drive positive change in the aviation industry.

Our ambition extends beyond mere competition; it aspires to lead through innovation and the establishment of new industry benchmarks.