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Discover Turkey's rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty and plan your journey today with FlyLili's new route from Brasov to Istanbul, a place where East meets West, in no time. As your first choice for exploring Turkey's finest destinations, FlyLili offers exclusive routes and exceptional air transport services.

Cultural Marvels of Istanbul

Touch down in Istanbul, where ancient history meets modernity, and embark on a cultural journey like no other. With just 90 minutes of flight time from Brasov, you'll find yourself amidst the vibrant streets and iconic landmarks of Turkey's largest city.

Explore the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia, the magnificent Blue Mosque, and the majestic Topkapi Palace, all within reach from Istanbul International Airport. Delve into the city's rich heritage as you wander through its historic neighborhoods and bustling bazaars.

Scenic Beauty of Turkey

Beyond the city limits, Turkey offers breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders waiting to be explored. From Istanbul International Airport, you can easily venture to Cappadocia, a surreal landscape of fairy chimneys and ancient cave dwellings.

Here's how you can plan your journey with FlyLili flights to Turkey
Istanbul - Gateway to Turkey
  • With FlyLili's short flight of just 90 minutes from Brasov to Istanbul International Airport, you'll have enough time to explore the city's iconic landmarks, vibrant culture, and diverse cuisine. Whether you're strolling through the historic streets of Sultanahmet or cruising along the Bosphorus, Istanbul promises an unforgettable experience.

  • Indulge in Istanbul's culinary delights, from traditional Turkish mezes to mouthwatering kebabs and baklava.

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