Travel Assistance

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Travel worry-free with your furry companions. Explore our pet travel conditions for a seamless journey.

Travelling with animals
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Infants & Minors

Ensure a smooth and enjoyable family journey. Learn more about rules and regulations tailored for our youngest travelers.

Travelling with children
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Experience comfort and safety with our tailored assistance for expectant mothers. Find out more about rules and regulations.

All about travelling healthy
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Special Needs

Travel with personalized assistance, including wheelchair accessibility and support for the visually impaired. Find out how we cater to diverse needs.

More about accessible travel
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Explore our cabin and hold bag options, customized to suit your travel needs. Discover hassle-free packing solutions.

All about baggage options
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Other Equipment

Find out about our specialized handling and transportation options for sports equipment, including golf, skis, and more.

All about special equipment
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About Schengen

Find out more about travel across Schengen countries.

All about Schenghen